Jo-ann Duffy, Manager, XL, Co Meath

I run two filling stations in Co Meath. I found that by the time I had all the timesheets inputted, holidays recorded, payslips printed and money transferred, there was nearly a day gone out of my week. I decided to look into outsourcing my payroll. In less than a week, I was set up with Paycheck Plus and now my payroll takes me about 15 minutes. I fill out the timesheets, double check them and send them. It’s as simple as that. I am also saving money. Not including the cost of stationery and software support, my own time is very valuable. I now have that back. I am also kept up to date with all my employer obligations and can refer to Paycheck Plus when one of my staff has a payroll query. I firmly believe that every company should focus on what they are good at and outsource the rest. With Paycheck Plus, the staff is fantastic, it is good value, well run and ideal for any company struggling with their payroll.