The dawn of a new era for Finance Directors and Controllers

Attending the inaugural National CFO & Finance Directors’ Forum in Croke Park this week, the Team at Paycheck Plus were inspired by the refreshing sharing of information and insight from some of the most powerful executives in Ireland.  Coming from a range of sectors, the delegates left the confines of their offices to share ideas and inspiration on the emerging role of the Financial Executives role in Irish business.  As one speaker aptly described it, CEO’s have become CEEOs (Chief Everything Else Officers) and no longer wear only the Finance Hat. 

This dynamic group of people are only too well aware of the need to use their many talents for the benefit of their organisatons as they enter a new stage in Irish business.  These people are changing from the traditional laborious routine of producing reports that previously went un-read and turning their attention to driving growth in the future. 

 With a lively discussion on Shared Services and Business Process outsourcing, companies all over Ireland are looking at ways of focusing their time on their expertise and leaving the more repetitive and back-office tasks to those who specialise in those areas.

Paycheck Plus was delighted to meet many of the delegates on the day to discuss the benefit of using a payroll outsource company to not only provide a service, but to work as a partnership to ensure their payroll is operating in an efficient and effective manner.   In this maturing market, successful companies have proved that Payroll Outsourcing works – it brings real savings and efficiency in many cases while enabling the Finance Team use their key skills to develop a successful strategy for the continued growth and development of their respective businesses.