Payroll in Ireland

The world really is a Global village now, and as a result Irish and Multi-national Companies can have a diverse structure of employees classified in many different ways.

The IPASS August monthly newsletter, which features updates about payroll in Ireland refers to DTA’s, 60 of 68 of these are now in effect. Since the beginning of 2012 alone, agreements have been entered into with Hong Kong, Qatar and Albania among others.

Revenue have released an informational here: . Operating Payroll in Ireland whilst also managing diverse and remote staffing requirements could prove time consuming and complex for your Business, most especially if your company is not located in Ireland but wishes to retain Irish Staff or Contractors. Partnering with our Outsource Payroll Services Bureau could ensure your Operations are up and running quickly from a Payroll management perspective.

We believe that by leveraging our expertise, and superior knowledge of Irish Payroll and Tax regulations you can ensure this complex area doesn’t hold up Operational deadlines and the growth of your Company.

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