Small Firms NOT prepared for Swine Flu Outbreak

Following on from our previous blog on ‘Swine Flu and the Workplace’ it has being advised by the small firms association that the majority of its members have no contingency plans in place to cope with an outbreak of swine flu.

The association says this could mean losses of up to €90m for small businesses if the virus continues to spread. Only half of companies have cross-trained staff to ensure they can maintain services in the event of absenteeism and a quarter have the provisions in place to enable staff to work from home. The Small Firms Association is advising all firms to plan ahead and be prepared for a possible outbreak to ensure services can be maintained.

A National Pandemic Influenza Plan is available from and An excellent document with advice for businesses on preparing for an Epidemic is available at The information guides employers through an implementation plan and even has case studies for various business types.

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