The Payroll Minefield



Allow us to help you navigate a safe path through the maze of complexities surrounding Payroll, PAYE, PRSI and USC. And that’s before you even consider peripheral benefits such as Pensions and Health.

A safe pair of hands; isn’t that what any company wants to manage their Payroll? After all, getting your Payroll Services right is so basic to the normal day to day running of your employees’ lives. With Paycheck Plus’ Outsource Payroll Services you can access specific expertise in this function from our Award winning Payroll Bureau to keep your Payroll running smoothly.

Recent notes in the IPASS August monthly newsletter prove that USC, for example, is still proving a source of confusion, not only on what portions of pay are chargeable or exempt, but very much also from a general perspective.

Revenue have released a specific FAQ for USC to attempt to make its handling easier to understand ( , but with our Outsource Payroll Services you can be assured that we personally scan and review Payrolls for accurate deductions. At the end of the day, Payroll is our business and we want your staff to benefit from our expertise and take home the most accurate wages, on time, with the least stress.

We enjoy knowing that our services can directly benefit your company and your staff.                      For us, Payroll is Personnel!