On the Payroll Trail

A recent Article in the Sunday Business Post discusses the importance of Payroll Audit Trails in Payroll Systems, and it’s true; ensuring your ‘Payroll Trail’ is crystal clear can save you time and money, as well as offering security and peace of mind. This is where a Payroll Services Bureau can help ensure your compliance.

Payroll Auditing abilities; it sounds simple, doesn’t it? But do you have the expertise and processes in place to allowing Auditing to be a transparent Process? Or would a Payroll Audit uncover compliance issues you have been turning a blind eye to? As always, ignorance is no defence in the eyes of the law, and most definitely when handling private personal information.

Ensuring your Employee Data is safe is just as important as ensuring staff payments are made. Why? Because a loss of Private Personal Data could impact on their lives through fraud or mishandling, as well as being a serious breach of your Company’s responsibilities.

Payroll Services and data are Subject to Quality Control within Data Protection and Compliance. So some questions you might want to consider could be whether you have Encryption systems in place on the movement of this data? Is this data locked down and only used for the purposes for which it was given? Who has access to this data and could it unintentionally be used for other purposes? Are the people who have access to the Data Authorised and Trained? Is it starting to become a little more complicated than you imagined?

Now imagine you could simply hand all your requirements over to a Payroll Bureau. Paycheck Plus will take on your Outsourced Payroll Services, offering a full suite of Auditable and compliant processes and facilities. We have a secure access facility, and furthermore Payroll Data is utilised and stored within our unique concept ‘Payroll Cleanroom’. This ensures that only our trained, approved staff can access and handle your data. Our team are aware of their obligations, and understand the regulations within which they must respect Data use. We see it as the personal touch to treat your employees and their data like our colleagues and this ensures that they become more than just a number to us.

Outsourcing your Payroll Services to Paycheck Plus means you gain our Data Compliance and Quality abilities, making every day an Audit day for us. Contact us today with your requirements and we can talk you through how we can become an extension of your Business and take the worry away from Data Protection and Audit.