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Ireland’s Premier Payroll Service

Payroll is one of your business’ most important functions because it concerns your greatest asset – your workers. But managing payrolls in house is a costly and time-consuming feat. Hiring and maintaining in house payroll processors is extremely challenging and rarely makes financial sense. 

Our payroll bureau combines sophisticated, best of breed payroll software with personal attention and quality of customer service to create a seamless payroll outsourcing service for our clients. Regardless of whether your workers are based in Ireland, the UK or anywhere else our dedicated team of payroll providers can help you remove this non-core part of your business while maintaining accuracy and timeliness.

More than


Payslips Processed Annually

Our payroll service handles many of the Ireland’s largest and most complex payrolls. We process more than €650,000,000 worth of payroll payments and in excess of 300,000 payslips each year.

Award Winning Payroll Provider

Paycheck Plus is Ireland’s most highly accredited payroll bureau. We have more than 30 awards to our name including

  • In-Country Payroll Provider of the Year
  • Best Service Provider Team
  • Payments Provider of the Year
  • Best Professional Service
  • SME of the Year

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Payroll Ireland
International Payroll

Expert Payroll Service

We manage Irish, UK and International payrolls for organisations of all sizes ranging from sole traders to large-scale multinational corporations. We don’t try to shoehorn clients into rigid and inflexible processes. Instead our goal is to dovetail our payroll software, systems and processes with yours. We provide a tailored payroll processing experience that enables your business to achieve the maximum benefits while requiring the minimum of effort.

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Trusted by

  • Client: Boojum – A Hospitality Case Study
  • Sector: Hospitality
A Timely & Efficient Irish Payroll Service
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  • Client: DID Electrical – A Payroll Service Case Study
  • Sector: Retail
Weekly & Monthly
Payroll Processing

By 2019 DID Electrical's in-house payroll service was manually processing payments to more than 400 employees internally. DID recognised the need to move to a less resource intensive payroll process to relieve the pressure on their own employees, as well as help streamline and improve their payroll services.

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  • Client: Londis (Malahide) – A Payroll Service Case Study
  • Sector: Retail
Rapid, Weekly
Payroll Processing

Shiel’s Londis employees approx. 50 staff who are a mix of Full-time and Part-time workers. They were in need of a timely payroll service that would accommodate their weekly payment schedule and reduce the burden on their inhouse staff.

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Paycheck Plus Engage

Provide employees with convenient and secure access to payslips and relevant tax documents, 24/7 and from any device.


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A Truly International Payroll Service

With Paycheck plus you  can avoid the challenges of international payroll by letting us handle your global payroll processing and legislative compliance.

As a member of the IRIS Group we can provide you with international payroll and HR services that span more than 135 countries.

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