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Independent assessment

Is your payroll operating efficiently, compliantly and cost effectively?

Our award winning team of payroll specialists provide peace of mind by auditing both your payroll process and payroll calculations. We can follow the flow of information from when an employee starts work and their payments are made, all the way to when their taxes are submitted to Revenue. We work with you to determine and tailor the scope of the payroll audit to match your needs.

A highly personal, trustworthy, consistent service.

Paul Hickey
International Financial Shared Services Manager, McKesson
Understand your payroll performance

Paycheck Plus provide a once off or ongoing payroll audit service, to check how all areas of your payroll process are meeting the required Revenue, WRC and Social Welfare regulations. Our payroll specialists can then advise on what steps or actions are required.

  • Full & comprehensive review
    We check data mapping, chain of command, authorisation best practice, calculations, system optimisation, payroll reporting and deliverables
  • Expert team
    Expect best in class service from our Senior Payroll Specialist, tax advisors and senior managers, all qualified and experienced in corporate compliance, payroll and best practice.
  • Actionable insights
    Once the payroll audit is complete, you receive a process map and/or report with clear recommendations based on Gap Analysis.
  • Strict confidentiality
    All results and recommendations are treated with the strictest confidentiality.
  • Tailored to your needs
    Our adaptable, tailored payroll audits are designed to meet your business requirements.
  • Client: A Hospitality Company
  • Sector: Hospitality
Complete Payroll Auditing

Comprehensive payroll auditing for your most optimised and compliant payroll.

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