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16 October 2017 - Blog, News

Rebrand Announcement

Big news! We have rebranded… After more than a decade in operation, we’ve just hit the refresh button on the Paycheck Plus brand. We’re so excited to bring to you our refreshed brand after months of planning and hard work. While we’ll always have a strong…

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11 October 2017 - Blog, News

Budget 2018 highlights

Budget 2018 highlights for employers and employees Budget 2018 for Businesses Corporation Tax: the corporation tax rate will remain at 12.5% BIK: for 2018 there will be a 0% BIK rate on electric vehicles VAT: there will be no change to the 9% VAT rate in…

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03 October 2017 - Blog, News

Revenue’s PAYE Modernisation

Revenue’s PAYE Modernisation – Employer Readiness phase As part of the Employer Readiness phase of Revenue’s PAYE Modernisation programme, Revenue is now contacting employers who do not appear to have informed them of new employees (based on their analysis of 2016 P35 returns). These letters are…

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02 October 2017 - Blog, Tips and Insights

3 key tips for updating a job posting | Paycheck Plus Payroll Specialists

How to update a job posting – 3 key tips So, an employee is moving on and you need to fill the position again. It’s simple, right? Just update the previously advertised job posting which outlines the role, details the qualifications required and notes the salary…

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13 September 2017 - Blog, News

Tax credits, tax relief and tax exemption | Paycheck Plus Payroll Experts

An overview, the differences, examples and how you can apply for each to reduce your tax bill To minimise your tax bill and increase your net take-home pay you must first have at least a basic understanding of certain tax areas. Below we have provided an…

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06 September 2017 - Blog, News

HMRC PAYE bill not as expected | Paycheck Plus Payroll Accuracy

UK employers: what to check if your PAYE bill is too high or too low Payroll is a complex, time consuming and ever developing function. With regulation advancements, company developments and employee changes, businesses can find it challenging to maintain compliant and accurate payroll. On occasion,…

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30 August 2017 - Blog, News

Revenue Audit | Paycheck Plus Payroll Compliance

What’s involved in a Revenue Audit and why would you be selected? In short, a Revenue Audit is where Revenue auditors compare the taxpayer’s tax returns against the taxpayer’s tax records. But what is typically involved in a Revenue Audit and how are taxpayers usually selected…

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23 August 2017 - Blog, News

Emergency Tax – what employees need to know | Paycheck Plus outsourced payroll providers

What is Emergency Tax, when is it applied and how can you get a refund? What is Emergency Tax? Emergency tax is the higher rate tax basis that your employer must apply to your earnings when it is not clear what tax band you should be…

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15 August 2017 - Blog, News

Child Benefits and Tax Entitlements | Paycheck Plus Your Payroll Partner

It’s that expensive time of year again! Here are key entitlements (regarding children) to help you with the expense of the Back to School period The back-to-school period is upon us and many families are feeling the pinch. Covering the cost of school books, uniforms, transport,…

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09 August 2017 - Blog, Media

CEO Q&A with Anne Reilly | Paycheck Plus in the media

CEO Q&A: Anne Reilly, Paycheck Plus   Outsourcing the Payroll Function: opportunity abounds in the wake of Brexit and with the incoming GDPR regulations   Q. What are your main priorities and goals in your role? To support, train, communicate and motivate the team enabling them to…

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