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17 January 2018 - Payroll News

Minimum Wage 2018

National Minimum Wage Increase 2018 6 months ago we highlighted that the Irish National minimum wage was set to increase, additionally we noted the same in our Budget 2018 Highlights, and as of January 1st 2018 the increase came into effect. What is the minimum wage…

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09 January 2018 - Payroll Tips & Insights

Top 5 Payroll Issues of 2018

5 Key Payroll Issues to Consider and Tackle in 2018 2018 will be a busy and complicated year for payroll professionals. There are many upcoming payroll industry changes that businesses and payroll professionals must consider and tackle. To help you avoid payroll issues and to ensure…

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14 December 2017 - Payroll Tips & Insights

Payroll Year End

Tips and Considerations for Payroll Year End Payroll Year End is a particularly busy time for payroll professionals. With 2017 coming to an end, and given the multitude of upcoming developments that are/will affect Irish payrolls, we thought that we’d put together some tips and considerations…

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04 December 2017 - Blog, Payroll Tips & Insights

UK Budget 2017 for Payroll Professionals

UK Budget 2017 – What Payroll Professionals Need To Know November 22nd 2017 saw the UK chancellor, Philip Hammond, unveil the autumn budget. After reviewing the UK Budget 2017 we have highlighted below key points to note for payroll professionals. UK National Living Wage and National…

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29 November 2017 - Blog, Payroll Tips & Insights

Additional HR requirements and employee Christmas gift

7 typical additional HR requirements on the run up to Christmas Christmas and year end is a particularly busy time for payroll and HR professionals. In addition to their ongoing role requirements, HR managers and HR personnel have additional obligations. To help you schedule your workload…

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23 November 2017 - Blog, Payroll Tips & Insights

How to calculate income tax

How is income tax calculated? Read our 5 steps below Whether you’re an employer or an employee, you should understand how income tax is calculated. To make this less daunting we have broken down how to calculate income tax into 5 steps. We also won’t complicate…

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16 November 2017 - Blog, Payroll Tips & Insights

Benefit In Kind

What is Benefit In Kind (BIK), how are they calculated and how can you give them to your employees tax free? What is Benefit In Kind (BIK)? It’s a perk, it’s notional pay, it’s any non-cash benefit (that has monetary value) that employers provide. As a…

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07 November 2017 - Blog, News

HMRC Student Loan Plan update

HMRC Student Loan plan thresholds set to increase April 6th 2018 will see the UK’s HMRC Student Loans thresholds increase. Currently, until April 5th 2018, the Plan 1 loan threshold is £17,775 while the Plan 2 threshold is £21,000. In the next UK tax year (i.e….

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27 October 2017 - Blog, Media

Inside Track: Paycheck Plus founder Anne Reilly

Company formed in 2005 was named in-country payroll provider of 2017 This article first appeared in The Irish Times 27th October 2017 (written by Fiona Alston) Anne Reilly, founder of Paycheck Plus, is no stranger to awards but a high accolade at this year’s Global Payroll Awards has put…

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25 October 2017 - Blog, News, Payroll Tips & Insights

Auto Enrolment Pension Scheme

Auto Enrolment Pension Scheme and what to expect The Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, recently announced an expected date for the long discussed auto enrolment pension scheme – it’s anticipated that it will be up and running by 2021. But what is auto enrolment, why is it being…

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