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Ensure Payroll Compliance

Avoid penalties and ensure effective payroll continuity

Payroll is a complex, ever-changing, time-consuming necessity. HR, Accounts and Payroll teams can find it difficult to ensure compliance with the most up-to-date legislation while completing their other obligations.

To deliver the most effective payroll training, our payroll experts will discuss your requirements. Training is designed and delivered in a format to meet those specific needs. Whether the requirements are to ensure compliance with the most recent legislation, payroll training for specific projects (e.g. redundancy) or providing continuity for new payroll personnel, our payroll specialists can provide the payroll training that you need.

Examples of recent payroll training include:

An overview of Irish payroll
Checking your payroll – a guide for those responsible for the payroll function
Payroll update – payroll training on the most up to date payroll legislation
Taxation of benefits – the best options

Based on the west coast of the USA, I am responsible for the payroll spend in our Irish entity. Paycheck Plus took me through a crash course in Irish payroll explaining our obligations, employee entitlements, federal taxes, 401’s and more. Their guidance and teaching has given me the knowledge and confidence I need to sign-off on our monthly payroll process.

Janet B.
International Reward Executive, San Francisco
  • Client: A Restructured Construction Company
  • Sector: Construction
Tailored Payroll Training

Hitting the ground running, with confidence.

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