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Manage Tips & Gratuities with a Tronc.

The service industry can be a demanding place to work. Tips, Gratuities and service charges provide much needed remuneration for hard working operatives but managing and distributing gratuities can be problematic.

The days of a tip jar behind the till allocated by the restaurant or bar manager are gone. Increasingly tips are paid through credit and debit cards as the bill is settled. Consequently funds are sent to the company bank account and while it can be tempting to distribute the tips through the payroll this is often an incredibly inefficient and costly practice.

With our Tronc Masters service and software you can ensure your employees receive their tips fairly and cost effectively without undue costs to your business.

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How our Tronc Service Works

Our expert payroll team will work with you to develop a tronc system that ensures that discretionary tips are pooled and distributed to your employees in the best and most efficient manner.

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Implement Tronc Scheme

We outline and explain the nuances of running a tronc scheme and provide a detailed scoping document on whether your organisation and its employees would benefit from one. If required we can also create the tronc constitution which all members must agree and adhere to as well as outline actions that must be undertaken to comply with local revenue legislation.

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Develop & Codify Allocation Rules

We work with you to develop an agreed set of allocation rules for your tronc. Where needed this can include an agreed percentage of the gratuities to cover the processing costs, card charges and any other fees. We then codify tip-sharing rules so as to accurately calculate the amount each employee should receive.

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Manage the Tronc Administration

With the Tronc set up we will manage its day-to-day administration. This will include adding or removing employees, updating pertinent data (hours/days worked etc.) providing any necessary reports, and, if desired, making BACS payments directly to employees.

Want to Know More?

To find out how you can ensure your employees receive their tips fairly and cost effectively without undue costs to your business download our brochure using the button below.

This handy guide includes:

  • How Tronc Schemes Work
  • Tronc Scheme Benefits
  • Customer Stories
  • Our Product/Service Options

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Please Note: Reference to National Insurance savings apply to UK PAYE schemes only.

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