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Minimising the impact of redundancies is a crucial and complex endeavour. During this difficult time, our specialists can step in, with our redundancy management service, to help both employers and employees understand what options are available to them.

We engaged Paycheck Plus for redundancy payroll services. They were very capable and experienced throughout the whole operation, from dealing with Revenue on our behalf to presenting and consulting with every one of our employees on an individual basis. It was a difficult time for all and a complex issue, but Paycheck Plus supported our staff in meticulously planning for the final work day for 130 employees. They were very flexible and gave us on-call support during that critical time and this was paramount to the success of the operation.

S. Malone
Human Resources Manager, Bose Ireland
Minimise the impact

Paycheck Plus has the knowledge and expertise to help employees understand their options and what is best for them. Through our redundancy management service, we consider many aspects, including length of service, pension, available tax efficiencies etc., and do the necessary calculations on a group and/or individual basis to help employees understand the options available to them and to make the best decision possible for them. We can then run the final payroll, process the redundancies and make the necessary Revenue/HMRC submissions.

  • Client: Bose Ireland
  • Sector: Consumer electronics
Redundancy Support
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Paycheck Plus maximised return and efficiencies
for both employer and employees.

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