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Employee Helpline

Does answering employee queries take up your time?

How often have you had to answer the same employee queries? Could you utilise your time better if someone else could provide employees with information relating to their payroll taxes, calculations or personal circumstances affecting their payroll? Our Employee Helpline enables your business to focus on maximising operation effectiveness while maintaining the highest quality employee query support.

Our experienced advisors provide confidential advice and online support for your employees and provide access to forms, leaflets and guides to ensure your employees get the most from their pay.

Some of the FAQs supported by our team include:

  • Why am I on Emergency Tax?
  • Why is my take-home pay different to last month even though my salary is the same?
  • My spouse is not at work now. How does that affect my tax situation?
  • I’ve been offered the use of a company car – what are the implications?
  • I’m pregnant – what paperwork do I need to complete?
  • My son is starting college – how do I apply for tax relief?
  • I’m getting married next year – how will that impact on my tax situation?
  • I understand I can claim back for medical expenses. How do I do that?
  • Why is my illness benefit taxed?
  • This is my first employment. What do I need to do?

Subscribing to the Paycheck Plus employee helpline provides our employees with the ongoing support they deserve while freeing up my time to focus on other areas of my job.

Deirdre H.
Financial Controller, Software Company
Employee Workshops
Be the best employer that you can be

On-boarding of new employees can give rise to lots of questions and drain internal resources. Our on-site employee workshops explain the payroll process in your business and takes employees through payslip calculations. Our friendly payroll specialists explain the factors affecting net take home pay and how employees can use their personal circumstances to minimise their tax liability.

Our workshops enhance employer-employee relationships. By understanding their personal payroll calculations, employees can increase net take home pay at no additional cost to the employer – a win-win for all.

To deliver the most effective workshop, our payroll experts will discuss your requirements and design workshops to suit your business operations. Examples of recent workshop topics include:
• Understanding your payslip
• Explaining the Emergency, Temporary and Cumulative basis of Taxation
• Getting the most from your pay – understanding tax credits
• Taxation of Benefits – the best options
• Holiday & Public Holiday Entitlements

…including a Paycheck Plus workshop in our induction process plays a critical part in creating our culture as a Best Place To Work company.

Paul A.
General Manager, Technology Company
  • Client: An American Fintech Company
  • Sector: Financial
Being the best employer
that we can be

Paycheck Plus, helping employers and employees.

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