UK Payroll Guides & Forms

A collection of useful UK Payroll Guides & Forms


Have you just opened a new business, started employing staff or joined as an employee? Here is the list of useful guides and forms free for you to download.


The Auto Enrolment A-Z Guide for UK employers

Auto-enrolment does seem to be a maze of information, doesn’t it? But like all mazes, once you know your way, it isn’t half as complicated. That’s what we wanted to do with our free guide. To help you get started with your Auto-Enrolment duties and find your way in an easy to read manner.

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PAYE and Tax Registration

Starting In Business – Becoming an Employer and Ongoing Obligations – This HMRC link provides useful resources including a guide to PAYE, information to help you with maintaining your records, a guide to assist employers with registering for PAYE and also specific obligations regarding the beginning and end of the tax year.

Employment status – Are you an employee or self employed?– This outlines the criteria for each and helps to determine whether an individual is employed or self-employed.

Forms and Guides for Employers

Employers Guide to PAYE – This guide explains The Pay As You Earn (PAYE) system and the method of tax deduction under which an employer calculates and deducts the income tax due from payment of wages, salary etc.

Employing staff for the first time – There are 7 things you need to do when employing staff for the first time.

Employee Travel and Subsistence Expenses – This link provides information on paying employee expenses when they travel on business journeys along with an explanation of the types of travel that qualify for repayments and subsistence if employees are working away from their normal place of work.

Employer Paid Medical Insurance – This HMRC resource provides information on medical insurance relief, permanent health insurance cover, in-house medical plans and medical check-ups.

Forms and Guides for Employees

Personal tax credits, reliefs and exemptions – This resource allows you to manage your tax credits, reliefs and exemptions that you may be entitled to.

Flat-rate expense allowances – This resource details flat-rate expenses and provides a online tool to check if you are eligible for tax relief.

Tax Credit Calculator – Get an estimate of how much you could get in tax credits.

Tax credits, what they are and what you may be entitled to – This resource provides an introduction to tax credits and gives examples of tax credits that you may be entitled to.

Starting your first job in the UK – This resource provides you with details on what you need to do when starting your first job, how your tax is calculated and how benefits from your employer are handled.

How to get a refund – You may be able to get a tax refund (rebate) if you’ve paid too much tax. Use this service to see how to claim if you paid too much on.

How to get a National Insurance Number – The resource explains what a National Insurance Number is, How to obtain one and what you need it for.

Cross Border Workers Relief – This guide explains the relief due to individuals who are resident in the UK and commutes to his/her place of work abroad and who pays tax in the other country on the income from that employment.

General forms and guides which you may find useful

Over 65s -This resource provides details about the credits, reliefs and exemptions that people aged 65 or over can claim.

Childcare – You can get help paying for childcare once it is from an approved childcare provider.

Home Carers – This resource outlines the qualifying conditions, rates and claiming methods for the Carer’s Allowance.

Going to Work Abroad? – This resource provides details on what happens with your tax if you leave the UK to go to live or work abroad on a temporary, long term or permanent basis.

Student Finance – This resource provides students with information on obtaining a loan.

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