Payroll Calendars

2022 Payroll Calendar – Republic of Ireland & UK


Key Payroll Dates – Republic of Ireland

1st Jan – Payroll: New Tax year begins and runs on a calendar basis (1st Jan to 31st Dec)

1st Jan – Local Property Tax (LPT): Commencement of phased payments

12th Jan – LPT: Deadline for paying in full, in one single payment or confirming that payment will be made in full by Single Debit Authority

14th of each month (recurring) – Payroll Liabilities: PAYE/Pay Related Social Insurance (PRSI)/Universal Social Charge (USC)/Local Property Tax (LPT), monthly return and payment for previous month (payment date is extended to 23rd for ROS users who both file and pay online in full). Quarterly payments are due as above but only in the months (Jan, Apr, Jul and Oct)

15th Jan – LPT: Commencement of monthly direct debit payments

23rd Feb – SARP: Due date for submission of SARP Employer Return for the previous year ended 31st December

31st March – Shares: Due date for submission of forms RSS1 (Share Options and other rights), ESS1 (Approved Profit Sharing Scheme), KEEP1 (Key Employee Engagement Programme) ESA (Employer’s Share Awards) for the previous year ended 31st December

31st March – Joint Assessment: Deadline for nominating Assessable Spouse or Nominated Civil Partner for 2020

31st Oct – Income Tax: File and pay return of income (Form11) for previous tax year together with payment of preliminary tax for current year

1st Nov – LPT: Liability (Ownership) date for the following tax year

25th Nov (this date is provisional) – LPT: Deadline for confirming payment method to Revenue if spreading payments over following tax year (making phased payments)


Public Holidays 2022- Republic of Ireland

New Year’s Day Mon – 3 Jan 2022

St. Patrick’s Day – Thur 17 Mar 2022

Additional Bank Holiday – Friday 18th March 2022

Easter Monday – Mon 18 Apr 2022

Early May Bank Holiday – Mon 2 May 2022

June Bank Holiday – Mon 6 Jun 2022

August Bank Holiday – Mon 1 Aug 2022

October Bank Holiday – Mon 31 Oct 2022

Christmas Day – Sun 25 Dec 2022

St. Stephen’s Day – Mon 26 Dec 2022


2022 UK Payroll Calendar

Key Payroll Dates – UK

1st April 2022 New National Living Wage and Minimum Wage rates become effective

5th April 2022 New Tax Year Begins. New tax/NICs bands and thresholds become effective

19th April 2022 Deadline for final RTI submission of the year

31st May 2022 Issue P60s to employees

6th July 2022 Return Forms P11D to HMRC

19th July 2022 Class 1A payment due (P11Ds) if paying by cheque

22nd July 2022 Class 1A payment due (P11Ds) if paying electronically

19th October 2022 Class 1B payment due (PSAs) if paying by cheque

22nd October 2022 Class 1B payment due (PSAs) if paying electronically


Public Holidays 2022 – UK

New Year’s Day  – Mon 3 Jan 2022

Good Friday – Fri 15 Apr 2022

Easter Monday – Mon 18 April 2022

Early May Bank Holiday – Mon 2 May 2022

Spring Bank Holiday – Thur 2 June 2022

Platinum Jubilee bank holiday – Fri 3 June 2022

Summer Bank Holiday -Mon 29 Aug 2022

Boxing Day – Mon 26 Dec 2022

Christmas Day – Tues 27 Dec 2022


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