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The Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) executes inspections as part of focused ad hoc compliance campaigns, in response to specific complaints and simply as ongoing regular routine. Whatever the reason for auditing, a WRC inspection can be an immensely difficult time for employers – a time consuming, high pressure and stressful aspect of legislation compliance.

Paycheck Plus provides WRC inspection assistance to help employers through this difficult time. From preparation and analysis, right through to on-site WRC inspection and review, our compliance specialists will assist throughout the audit process.

Our Ireland entity was visited by the WRC (a daunting notion for an American company with little knowledge of such proceedings and what to expect), and our first email was to Paycheck Plus. They were extremely helpful in data gathering, analysis, and day-of presence. The meeting went smoothly, all thanks to their immense help, and we could not be more pleased.

Tristan Clevidence
HR Assistant, Mobile Technologies Inc.
Be as prepared as you can be

Prior to the commencement of the WRC inspection, our experienced compliance specialists will do the appropriate analysis and help you prepare effectively for the various aspects of the audit. We will liaise with the WRC inspectors on your behalf, advise and help you plan for the inspection. From assistance with data gathering through to overseeing the complete auditing process, we will guide you through your WRC inspection and be on-hand with the specialist support that you need.

  • Peace of mind
    Our experienced compliance experts will help you be as prepared as you can be for your WRC audit.
  • Expert support
    Our experts will be on-hand throughout your WRC inspection to help you prepare and provide the specialist support that you need.
  • Practical advice
    We will inform and advise you on exactly what you need and what you must do to meet the requirements of your WRC inspection.
  • Strict confidentiality
    All information and recommendations are treated with the strictest confidentiality.
  • Client: A Hospitality Company
  • Sector: Hospitality
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