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Paycheck Plus Engage

Streamline your payroll processing with our next-generation payroll software. With Paycheck Plus Engage you can consolidate your payroll processes into one simple and efficient workflow and benefit from an unparalleled level of data access and visibility.

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Paycheck Plus Engage removes the hassle from your payroll processes and gives you an unprecedented level of visibility and control.

Brona Grogan
Chief Operations Officer, Paycheck Plus
Executive Payroll Services | UK & Ireland

Reporting and Analytics

Paycheck Plus Engage gives you the ability to analyse and benchmark your entire organisation’s payroll information and fully understand your workforce costs in global and local currencies. Bespoke reporting functionality provides you with valuable insights enabling you to quickly identify and understand outliers and trends.

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How Engage can help
  • Self Service
    Provide employees with convenient and secure access to payslips and relevant tax documents, 24/7 and from any device.
  • Visibility
    Analyze and benchmark employee data, variances and associated payroll elements with intuitive payroll dashboards.
  • Reporting
    Get simple preset reports that provide an overview of every aspect of your payroll or develop highly configurable recurring reports to suit your specific needs.
  • Streamline Payroll Processes
    Consolidate payroll data from your HR and related systems in one central, secure repository.
  • Direct Access
    Get direct access to your account manager with Engage’s messaging feature.
  • Integration
    Integrate your payroll data into your accounting system, mapping your payroll journal to the desired format automatically.
  • Compliance
    Stay updated on your statutory reporting obligations with our payroll software’s Compliance Tracker.
  • Security
    Securely store and exchange your employees’ payroll information with strict access controls and data purging functionality.

Paycheck Plus Engage, Payroll Software Built Better

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