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The Challenges of International Human Resource Management

International Human Resource Management is fraught with difficulties. Legislative hurdles, language barriers, foreign currencies and cultural differences can significantly impact strategic business operations.

Our International HR Consultants can help you manage your global workforce. Acting as your HR consultancy partners we work as an extension of your HR department providing the necessary infrastructure, expertise and personnel to enable your organisation to provide the best possible employee recruitment, relocation, training, compensation and retention programmes.

Scaling a business is tough, especially where that growth happens across multiple territories. But our HR Management Consultancy Services can save businesses time, money and effort by providing the skills and expertise needed to manage staff across the globe.

Brona Grogan
Chief Operations Officer, Paycheck Plus
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A Holistic International HR Service

At Paycheck Plus we understand that Human Resources is a strategic function. Our goal is to provide a supportive framework that goes beyond basic administrative tasks. We will work with your business to provide the strategic insight and support required to synergise your global workforce with your long-term business goals. Our service goes beyond day-to-day HR duties as it nurtures workers along the Employee Life Cycle providing the means to improve worker productivity and satisfaction levels while lowering employee churn rates.

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Candidate Attraction & Selection

Our Talent Acquisition experts can design and implement a candidate-attraction strategy that will enable you to quickly source and hire the most suitable employees.

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Employee Training & Assessment

We can build well-structured training and assessment programs that hone the skills of existing workers and help new employees acclimate to their roles.

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Staff Rewards & Compensation

Our Payroll and HR Professionals can help you build and implement employee reward and retention strategies that will keep employees engaged and productive.

What our International HR Services Company can provide

Our International HR Service delivers an integrated and scalable Human Resources solution that can grow as your business develops.

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    HR Employment Law & Compliance
    • Employee Compensation
    • Benefits & Rewards Implementation
    • Benchmarking & Pay Equity Reporting
    • Pension and Healthcare Administration
    • Ongoing Management
    • Contract Renewal Management
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    Global Mobility & Immigration
    • Repatriation Management
    • Home & Host Country Taxation
    • Immigration Services
    • Relocation Support & Policy Development
    • Property & Housing Support
    • Language and Cultural Training
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    Strategic M&A Consulting
    • International expansion planning
    • Mergers, Acquisition & IPOs
    • Divestures, Carve Outs & Spin Offs
    • HR Due diligence
    • Compliance Audits
    • Change Management
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    Employee Relations
    Probation Management
    • HR Casework
    • Employee Engagement
    • Resignation & Redundancy
    • Performance Reviews & Appraisals
    • Disciplinary & Dismissal
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    Recruitment and Retention
    • Compliance Checks
    • Offer Letters
    • Employment Contracts
    • New Hire Induction
    • Training & Development
    • Performance & Absence Management
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    Compensation and Benefits
    • Employee Compensation
    • Benefits & Rewards Implementation
    • Benchmarking & Pay Equity Reporting
    • Pension and Healthcare Administration
    • Ongoing Management
    • Contract Renewal Management