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Payroll is a critical function for any organisation and should be streamlined for optimal efficiency. Our award-winning team of LEAN Payroll Experts provide payroll consultancy services that introduce LEAN concepts into your payroll department, creating a highly efficient ‘LEAN thinking’ culture where employees don’t just process payroll – they actively improve it.

Through a series of LEAN projects, we analyse and systematically review your entire payroll process. We actively work with your payroll team to identify and categorise each payroll activity, offering recommendations on how you can automate and standardise payroll processes and increase efficiency while building capacity and capability.


Working Towards a Leaner Payroll Process

Working with your payroll department, our LEAN Team will review your payroll processes and help your team understand their responsibility in eliminating wasteful tasks while retaining an accurate and compliant payroll. By applying LEAN Six Sigma methodology to your payroll and implementing a few of our time-saving tips for processing payroll, we can strengthen and empower your payroll department enabling them to add value and have a greater impact on your organisation’s bottom line. This often means helping payroll departments achieve improvements in ways that have not been considered before. Even mature organisations with highly efficient processes can realise significant gains.

  • Paycheck Plus helped us by providing guidance from start to finish. Not only did they provide insight into Irish payroll rules, but they also took care of setting up an account for us with Revenue and patiently walked us through the payroll process.

    Susan Daggett
    Office Manager, Rx Networks Inc.
  • Paycheck Plus were able to offer PPD the support required when setting up in a new country. They provided us with the broadest range of services and knowledge.

    Jim McLaughlin
    Accountant, PPD Development, Ireland
  • Paycheck Plus are a delight to work with. The team is amazing……….as well as being very knowledgeable they are all extremely lovely!

    Hayley McClosker
    Payroll Manager, Boojum
  • A very professional team with great attention to detail, and easy to work with.

    Frank Nugent
    Managing Director, IPP Ltd
  • The advice and insights we received from Paycheck Plus were invaluable not only to our finance team but across the business as a whole. They analysed, diagnosed and optimised our entire payroll process bringing real savings and efficiencies to our business.

    HR Manager
    Manufacturing Industry
  • Client: Boojum – A Hospitality Case Study
  • Sector: Hospitality
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