P35 Deadline 15th February 2016

When does a P35 need to be filed?

A P35 needs to be filed by 15th February 2016.

How can I submit my P35 return?

  • There are two methods available – ROS (Revenue online) which provides a secure facility to upload the P35 file and pay any balance due online. If there is a refund due this can also be claimed back on filing.
  • Paper Return – if a manual payroll is used a paper return can be submitted consisting of an original P35 declaration.

There is a penalty of €1,520 if mandatory filers have not filed the P35 electronically.

What details are required for the P35 return?

  • The P35 return is used to declare the PAYE, PRSI, USC and LPT that each employee has paid throughout the tax year.
  • The Total benefit in kind for all employees including medical and car.
  • The total number of employee’s contribution to pension products. The total number of employees for whom the employer made a contribution and the total amount paid on behalf of the employee.
  • If an employee left midyear, the tax figures must be included in the P35 return.

How do I account for Illness Benefit paid to an employee?

The illness benefit should be included in the total taxable pay figure. Illness Benefit is not subject to USC/PRSI and should not be included in the Gross pay for USC purposes.

If there is a mistake on the original filing you can submit a supplementary / amended P35 return.

A supplementary overwrites the original return.

An Amended return changes the details from the original filing.

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