August Public Holiday

The August Bank Holiday 2013 on Monday 5th August is one of nine Public Holidays in Ireland.  The others are New Year’s Day, Christmas Day, St.Stephen’s Day, St Patrick’s Day, Easter Monday, the first Mondays in May and June and the last Monday in October.  There is no statutory entitlement to Public Holiday on Good Friday as it is not a public holiday.

Employees who work full-time are entitled to public holiday benefits immediately they commence employment while part time workers have entitlement if they have worked at least 40 hours in the five weeks leading up to the Public Holiday.

An employee should receive a normal day’s pay if the business is closed on the public holiday and they employee would normally be expected to work on that day.  It the business is open and the employee works, then they are entitled to either paid time off or an additional days pay.  The additional pay is the average normal days pay before the public holiday.

If an employee is not rostered to work on the Public Holiday then they are entitled to one fifth of their normal weekly wage or a paid day off within a month or an extra day’s annual leave.  The employer may decide on which option to grant.

If an employee is temporarily laid-off on the Public Holiday, they are entitled to benefit that falls within the first thirteen weeks of layoff.  Employees on Maternity Leave or Adoptive leave are entitled to payment for the period of their “Paid” leave i.e. 26 weeks.  There is no entitlement to Public Holiday when the employees are on the additional optional “unpaid” maternity or adoptive leave.