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What our ISO accreditations mean for your payroll

Paycheck Plus is delighted to have added a third ISO standard, having already been re-certified with two ISO accreditations. We are currently accredited with ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems and ISO 27001 Information Security Systems and ISO 27701 Security Techniques. This is a fantastic accomplishment for Paycheck Plus, as we have become Ireland’s first ISO 27701 accredited payroll bureau.


What do these ISO Accreditations Mean?

Having ISO 9001 ensures that our payroll service has a standard means of assessing compliance against all of our clients’ requirements and external standards. It is meticulous work, but it is vital to ensuring we maintain consistently high payroll service levels.

The ISO 27001 Information Security Standard is paramount to reinforcing the information security for all of our clients. It demonstrates and reassures our clients that we have the highest control measures in place.

In addition to these two standards, Paycheck Plus has also achieved the ISO 27701 standard.  This additional standard specifies requirements and provides guidance for establishing, implementing, maintaining and improving a Privacy Information Management System (PIMS). ISO 27701 enables us to meet the privacy and information security requirements of the GDPR and other data protection regulations. It also demonstrates that we have the appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect the personal data we process and uphold data subjects’ rights, in line with the Regulation’s accountability principle (Article 5(2)).

By following the best practices laid out in ISO 27001 and ISO 27701, we can tackle security risks, protect sensitive data, and manage our security programs. Operating to the standard of ISO 27701, can provide our client base with the reassurance that the team at Paycheck Plus are working to the highest Data Privacy & Security standards.


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Paycheck Plus, Your ISO Accredited Payroll Service

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