tax free Christmas gift

Simple, quick and tax free employee Christmas gift

Are you looking to reward your employees with a bonus? Treat them to a Paycheck Plus Perfect Card!

tax free Christmas gift

To assist employers and HR personnel to compliantly reward their staff tax-free, we introduced our Prepaid Gift Card – the perfect employee, tax free Christmas gift.

Under the existing Benefit-in-Kind arrangement, an employer can provide an employee with a single non-cash benefit (a benefit with a value not exceeding €500) without applying PAYE, PRSI & USC to that benefit.  There is no Employer PRSI payable on the card.   Only one such benefit given to an employee in a tax year can qualify for this treatment.

Some of the key benefits for you and your employees are:

  • The incentive/gift card can be spent anywhere MasterCard is accepted – 32 million locations. This makes our gift card a very popular choice!  Give your employees more freedom on where and how the spend their card!  Unlike other gift cards on the market, the Paycheck Plus Perfect Card can be used anywhere that takes Mastercard.
  • The Paycheck Plus Perfect Card can be used online and in-store.
  • It is simple and convenient for you,  minimising your workload and time requirement.
  • Our 100% Revenue approved cards maximise your employee Christmas gift value while minimising business administration requirements.

Ultimately, Paycheck Plus Perfect Cards benefit you, your business and your employees.

Order your cards now! They make the perfect tax free Christmas gift!


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