Employers Tip June 2010 –Claim Tax relief for Private Rented Accommodation

Did you know that you are entitled to tax relief at 20% on your rental payments each year?

Tenants paying rent to landlords for private accommodation, excluding rent paid to state institutions or to a local authority, are entitled to claim tax relief for rent paid. A tax credit of 20% of rent paid will be granted subject to certain rental limits.

Under 55 years 55 Years and over

Single €2,000 €4,000

Married €4,000 €8,000

A single person under 55 years paying rent in excel of €2000 in 2009, will be entitled to a maximum tax credit of €400 for 2009 i.e. 20% of €2,000.

To Claim rent relief simply complete the Rent 1 form available in our Download Centre