Force Majeure Leave

Force Majeure Leave

What is Force Majeure Leave?

Force Majeure Leave is the employees right to a limited paid time off if there is a family crisis.

There are certain conditions that need to be met as follows –

  • Urgent family reasoning
  • Owing to an injury/illness
  • Child/adoptive child of the employee
  • Brother, sister or grandparents of the employee
  • A person whom the employee has a duty of care

Force majeure leave is separate to parental leave and can not be used as sick leave, annual leave or maternity leave.

Force majeure leave is limited to 3 days in 12 months or 5 days in 36 consecutive months.  There is no minimum period of employment required for an employee to avail of this leave.

If an employee has taken force majeure leave they are still in employment and retain all of their employment rights.

To obtain Force Majeure leave the employee needs to provide written confirmation to the employer on their intention to take this leave.

Force Majeure leave does not apply in the case of the death of a family member. Instead compassionate leave may apply should the employer agree.



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