Revenue payments by credit card

Payment of tax to Revenue by Credit Card

 To provide more payment options, Revenue introduced a new method of paying tax liabilities by credit card (VISA and MasterCard).  When the option was introduced in 2011, taxpayers who wished to avail of this payment option had to contact Revenue’s dedicated payment by credit card telephone service by phoning 1890 273747 or 01-8288045.

 However, following the publication of Statutory Instrument No. 255 of 2012, taxpayers now have the option of paying their tax through ROS using their VISA or Mastercard but taxpayers must also pay an additional transaction charge of 1.49% of the value of each payment to cover third party fees incurred by Revenue in providing this service.      

 Debit, Laser and Credit card details are now validated on ROS in real time. Revenue has engaged the services of a Payments Gateway, to provide for the real time authorisation of such card details used to make payments. The ROS payment process has been updated to seamlessly re-redirect users to the Payments Gateway hosted web page. The sole purpose of this re-direct is to capture, authorise and process the user card details. 

 If you would like Paycheck Plus to arrange the payment of your P30 Returns through your credit card, just contact our Payroll Team who will be happy to arrange it for you as part of your tailored payroll outsource service.