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Tax Credit Series – Home Carer Tax Credit

The Home Carer Tax Credit

The Home Carer Tax Credit of €1,600.00 will be increased to €1,700.00 in January 2023, this may be claimed by a married couple or by a civil partnership, who are assessed jointly for the purposes of income tax, where one spouse or civil partner stays at home to take care of a dependant person. The dependant person tax credit can be claimed where the dependant person normally resides with the claimant and is:

  • A child for whom Child Benefit is payable
  • A person aged 65 or over
  • A person who is permanently incapacitated, due to physical or mental infirmity.

If the home carer’s income exceeds €7,200.00, the amount of their income over €7,200.00 is halved and the tax credit is reduced by that amount. If the home carer has income of €10,400.00 or over, they cannot claim the tax credit. The tax credit for the Home Carer must be claimed from Revenue. Contrary to what people seem to believe, this tax credit will not be automatically granted by revenue to people who qualify for it.


For more on the Home Carer Tax Credit and related allowances read:

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