Tax Relief for Coeliac Patients – use your Med 1 Form to claim tax back on gluten-free products

 Tax Relief for Coeliac Patients requiring special dietary needs through the Med 1 Form

If you are a diagnosed coeliac patient you can claim  tax relief at the standard rate (through the Med 1 form) on all purchases of special dietary gluten-free products during a tax year. The only proof of purchase is your shop receipt and generally this requires keeping all your receipts throughout the year and at the end of the year checking off the relevant products to support any claim for a tax refund from Revenue.

However, most of the major supermarkets have a link through their loyalty/reward card system to capture any expenditure on gluten free products purchased through the year. This information is captured when you use your loyalty/reward card at the till. At the end of the year you will receive a statement which will show the total amount you have spent on gluten-free food, which will suffice as proof of purchase to support your Med 1 claim.

The relief applies to you or anyone for whom you buy these special products.  Other relief is also available on the Med1 form including relief on non-refundable costs for doctors, consultants, hospital tests, physiotherapy and prescriptions.  Visit our Information Centre for more details and to download a Med 1 form.