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31 May 2019 - Blog, Payroll News

GDPR one year Anniversary

One year on what has been the impact? The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect on May 25th, 2018.  These new rules had significant implications for businesses and payroll personnel. GDPR continues to be an ongoing battle for some businesses with the biggest challenges…

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09 October 2018 - Blog, Payroll News

Budget 2019 Highlights for Employers and Employees

Budget 2019 Highlights Budget 2019 for Businesses Corporation Tax: the corporation tax rate will remain at 12.5%. VAT: the VAT rate for tourism and hospitality sector will increase from 9% to 13.5%. There will be no change to VAT for newspapers and sporting facilities, although VAT…

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05 February 2018 - Payroll News

Compliance and Regulatory Update

Compliance and Regulatory Updates: January 2018 Revenue has released various technical information updates in January. The updates relate to topics such as the deductions of expenses, civil partnerships, mortgage interest relief, home carer tax credit and the deduction of loan interest in relation to residential accommodation….

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17 January 2018 - Payroll News

Minimum Wage 2018

National Minimum Wage Increase 2018 6 months ago we highlighted that the Irish National minimum wage was set to increase, additionally we noted the same in our Budget 2018 Highlights, and as of January 1st 2018 the increase came into effect. What is the minimum wage…

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