Women Entrepreneurs

Throwback -Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs


Women Entrepreneurs

I was so honored to be invited by the president Michael D Higgins and his wife Sabina to a reception at Áras an Uachtaráin to recognise the contribution of female entrepreneurship in Ireland. It was a very surreal experience, and one that I was glad to share with my fellow female Entrepreneurs. This was one of the most fulfilling experiences to date in my career. And I surprised myself by how emotional I felt. It was such an amazing wonderful experience and I so wished my husband Seamus and our 4 boys were there with me. They have been such an incredible support to me and the business and who have helped me get here today.

I am also thankful to work with the very best Payroll specialists. Their commitment and compliancy has very much been an integral part of the business.

Paycheck Plus is a global award winning payroll outsource service provider offering tailored services to companies with employees across the globe. As well as payroll outsourcing, we provide an extensive range of payroll related services including consultancy, audits, reporting, training, payroll set-up and wind-down, and special projects.

Established in 2005 Paycheck Plus demonstrates the innovation and determination of Irish entrepreneurs. As the leader of Paycheck Plus and as a voluntary promoter of entrepreneurship for others I believe a successful entrepreneurial society is built on creativity and excellence and can generate a range of economic, social and personal benefits which are as important as we look to ways to build a society on a sustainable, ethical foundation. I and the team have taken on global leaders in this sector and are capturing valuable market share.

What Next?

To continue to expand our client Portfolio and to launch our new 2018 Graduate Programme with DKIT College in Co Louth. Whereby we will give those selected graduates the education, & opportunity to choose Payroll professional services as a career.


Extract from Michael D Higgins speech:

The world needs more female entrepreneurs, women like you who have not only had a good idea, but brought it to fruition – women who have ‘made it happen’.

You are paving the way, providing inspiring role models for the many other women in this country who have the talent to set up successful businesses. You are women who create employment, export opportunities, and a working environment that is supportive of other women.

One hundred years ago, women smashed windows in order to highlight a gross inequity in our society. Today many women find themselves being confronted by glass ceilings in their places of work, ceilings that deny them equality in the workplace; deny them access to the same promotional opportunities, pay and respect that is accorded to their male counterparts. As a country that aspires to be a true democracy we owe a great debt of gratitude to women like you, who continue to break down the barriers and overcome the obstacles that prevent women from being equal participants in all aspects of society. I thank and commend you for that…

I thank each and every one of you for your entrepreneurial spirit; your determination and your vision which have helped to not only build your own success stories, but are also contributing to Irish society. Your willingness to innovate, take chances and turn dreams into realities, are a greatly inspiring example of the qualities that are necessary in all areas of our shared lives if we are to craft, together, a future of hope and possibility.


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