Maternity Benefit Application

Changes to the Maternity Benefit Application Form

The Old Maternity Benefit Application form (MB10) has been scrapped and replaced with the following new forms (MB1) (MB2) (MB3).

Maternity Benefits


You can now apply for maternity benefit by completing a Maternity Benefit application form (found here) and sending it to the Maternity Benefit Section of the Department of Social Protection. MB1 forms are completed by the Employee.

You should apply 6 weeks before you intend to go on maternity leave. If you are self-employed, you should apply at least 12 weeks before you intend to go on maternity leave.

The MB1 form replaces the MB10 form which was previously required in order to claim Maternity Benefit. The MB10 form previously required employers to complete the employee’s PRSI record for the 12 month period immediately before her maternity leave starts. This is no longer required.

Employers are now only required to complete the Employer Certificate (MB2) form after the employees 24th week of pregnancy. The employer should complete the employee’s expected due date and the Maternity leave start and end date. The employer should also include the employer’s bank details where the employee authorises that the Maternity Benefit can be paid to her employer.

If the person is self-employed or has recently become unemployed, then an MB3 form must be completed by her doctor.

All forms are available on the DSP website

Do you qualify for a Maternity Benefit?

  • To quality for maternity benefit you must have at least 39 weeks PRSI paid in the 12 months before your first day of your maternity leave or
  • At least 39 weeks PRSI paid since first starting work and at least 39 weeks PRSI paid or credited in the Relevant Tax Year or in the year following the Relevant Tax Year or
  • At least 26 weeks PRSI paid in the Relevant Tax Year and at least 26 weeks PRSI paid in the Tax Year prior to the Relevant Tax Year
  • Note: PRSI contributions paid at Classes A, E and H count.
  • If you were in insurable self-employment before starting insurable employment as an employee and have Class S PRSI contributions these may help you qualify for Maternity Benefit.
  • If you are a member of the Defence Forces and you pay PRSI at Class H, you are insured for Paternity or Maternity Benefit, but it is not payable while you are in service.


Online application

You can apply for Maternity Benefit online at . You upload your supporting documentation and submit it online with your application.


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