Responsibility for eTax

Change of Responsibility for e-Tax Clearance

The vast majority of taxpayers now apply for tax clearance via the new online facility (e-Tax Clearance), without any need to contact Revenue. The system can be accessed via ROS for business customers or via My Account for PAYE and non-ROS customers.

However, where a taxpayer experiences any difficulties in using the new e-Tax Clearance system or has any queries in regard to tax clearance generally, contact should be made with the Collector General’s office at telephone number 1890 20 30 70 or by writing to the Office of the Collector General, Sarsfield House, Francis Street, Limerick. Contact with the Collector General’s office can also be made via My Enquiries if the taxpayer is registered for the service.

Where a taxpayer requiring tax clearance is not e-enabled for any reason, contact should be made with the local tax office or with the Collector General’s office to request a Form TC1, which should be completed and returned to the Office of the Collector-General, Sarsfield House, Francis Street, Limerick.

The electronic Tax Clearance (eTC) system

The eTC system allows you to apply for a Tax Clearance Certificate online. In general, you will have to apply using:

The eTC system checks your tax compliance on a regular basis. Your Tax Clearance Certificate remains valid while you are compliant. This means that there is no need for an end date on the certificate.

You will need to submit a new application for a Tax Clearance Certificate when your application has expired. A grant application expires after one year. All other applications expire within four years.


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