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Global Payroll Week 2022

Global Payroll Ireland 2022

Paycheck Plus COO Celebrates Global Payroll Week 2022

With Global Payroll Week now upon us I find myself reflecting on the wave of change that continues to sweep through the payroll industry. Looking back, the progress and speed of the payroll industry’s development over the last few years has been staggering. The introduction of PAYE modernisation back in 2019 was the spark that ignited a flurry of advancements in payroll.

It’s hard to believe that back then payroll was seen by many as a run-of-the-mill administrative function. Rightly or wrongly, many senior executives and business owners viewed payroll through an opaque and retrospective lens. They put little onus on real time calculations or getting things right first time. Mistakes could always be rectified at a later stage, errors and non-compliances were routine and seldom fretted about. But PAYE modernisation’s insistence on real-time tax processing meant accuracy, timeliness, transparency and compliance became a necessity.

While it was assumed by many that modernisations would mark the end of the Payroll revamp it appears that the opposite is true and modernisation has only been the forebearer of even greater change. Now it seems that almost every major initiative passed by the government has a significant payroll component. Whether it relates to Remote Working, Auto-Enrolment, Gender Pay Gap, or Statutory Sick Pay it’s clear that the days of routine payrolls are a thing of the past.

Views have changed at a boardroom level too. The “Great Resignation” has brought a sharp focus on employee retention. Company culture has moved to the forefront and no company culture can be considered complete without an adequate payroll component to take care of the perks, bonuses, benefits-in-kind and allowances that inevitably ensue. Consequently, payroll processing is more challenging and more important than it has ever been.

And so it is with this in mind that I would like to say thank you to all the payroll professionals who have been putting in the long hours behind the scenes to keep up-to-date with changing payroll requirements. They have diligently read and interpreted new regulations, learned and utilised new frameworks and adapted to new software requirements so that employees get paid the right amount at the right time.

I am very proud to recognise the hard work, effort and invaluable contribution that the Paycheck Plus team has made in this regard and I would like to compliment them on the extraordinary dedication and professionalism that they have shown. It is because of them that Paycheck Plus continues to grow and offer our clients Ireland’s most secure and most highly-accredited payroll service. It is a fantastic achievement, a credit to their professionalism and one that makes me proud to work for Payrcheck Plus.


Paycheck Plus, Your Irish Payroll Processing Team

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