How Paycheck Plus can help you with the upcoming PAYE Modernisation Changes and what you need to do.

Paycheck Plus can help with the upcoming PAYE Modernisation Changes

PAYE Modernisation is coming into effect on 1st January 2019 and will change the way Revenue Commissioners manage payroll taxes with Employers and Employees.

As a valued client of Paycheck Plus we will be helping you to make the transition and managing the on-going filing requirements on your behalf. The first step of the process is the alignment of the Employer records with Revenue files.  Revenue have asked all employers to provide a List of Employees before 31st October 2018

In order to do that for you, we need your help.

We will provide you with a list of your current employees as per your payroll records. Please confirm that all Employees are still active.

The List should include:

  1. all employees (including Directors) who are in your employment:
  2. those on long term leave such as maternity leave or sick leave
  3. pensioners in receipt of payment from you
  4. employees on a career break for whom you have not issued a P45
  5. employees for whom you have received a PAYE Exclusion Order

When you have confirmed that your Employee List is accurate, we will upload this information to Revenue for data alignment on your behalf. Revenue will the cross check the data on the Employee List to their records and will:

  • Commence any employees included on the list but not already registered as your employee
  • Cease any employees not included on your list but registered on their records as working with you
  • Provide you with the PPSN of employees ceased and commenced on their records to confirm the changes made to their records.

From 1st January 2019 all new employees will need to be registered with Revenue before they get their first payment.

All Employees should therefore register with myAccount self-service platform on ROS where they can view and manage their personal details and tax affairs. We will provide an information handout in the next few weeks showing individuals how to register for myAccount.

This exercise is for the purpose of data alignment in advance of PAYE Modernisation going live so all you need to do at this stage is confirm the details contained on the list of employees is accurate and we will take care of the submission to Revenue on your behalf.

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