In Celebration of Global Payroll Week

In Celebration of Global Payroll Week

With Global Payroll Week now upon us, I am reminded of all the fantastic work that is being done behind the scenes by payroll professionals all over the world who are quietly keeping employees paid.

In the 16 years I have run Paycheck Plus I have been fortunate to witness first-hand the evolution of payroll processing, from a run-of-the-mill administrative function into a dedicated profession. There is no doubt that the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent switch to remote working and change of legislation has only accelerated that evolution.

Payroll processing is playing a crucial role in maintaining people’s livelihoods during the pandemic and at no other time have payroll professionals been subject to such challenges. Today’s payroll professionals go beyond processing routine payrolls. They are asked to manage drastic changes to employee statuses, implement increasingly complex and changing legislation – such as furlough schemes and subsidies – and report in real-time.

All payroll services have been tested, irrespective of industry, company-size or location. But because of the resilience, dexterity and ingenuity of individual payroll processors, payroll services continue to ensure that countless millions of employees are correctly paid.

Payroll processors the world over have spent long hours reading and interpreting new regulations, learning and utilising new frameworks and software fixes, updating the ceaseless changes to employee statuses and entitlements and all the while managing to socially distance and support their families and loved ones. It is a fantastic achievement, a credit to their professionalism and one that makes me proud to work in such an industry.

So I would like to mark Global Payroll Week by saying that I am overwhelmed by the selflessness and resolve shown by payroll services and departments across the globe. I am very proud to recognise the hard work, effort and invaluable contributions they have made and I would like to compliment them on the extraordinary dedication and professionalism that they have shown, throughout these difficult times. And as always, Paycheck Plus will continue to support those organisations in need of help with their payroll processing throughout the pandemic.


With best wishes,

Anne Reilly


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