Class A PRSI Threshold 2024

Class A PRSI Threshold Stays Put Despite Minimum Wage Surge | 2024

In a surprising turn of events following Ireland’s historic increase in the national minimum wage during the October budget announcement, businesses are now faced with an unexpected twist regarding the PRSI class A weekly earnings threshold.

The National Minimum Wage Hike

In October 2023, Ireland saw its most significant increase in the national minimum wage, soaring from €11.30 to €12.70. This marked a historic shift, impacting businesses and workers across the country.

The Typical Correspondence

Traditionally, an increase in the national minimum wage is accompanied by a proportional rise in the PRSI class A weekly earnings threshold. This threshold, often set at 39 times the minimum wage to align with a standard 39-hour workweek, has been a predictable element in payroll considerations.

The Anomaly

However, the anomaly arises in the recent revelation that, contrary to expectations, the PRSI class A weekly earnings threshold for 2024 will not see a parallel increase. Instead, it is reported to remain at the previous year’s level of €441.

Implications for Businesses

This unexpected freeze poses challenges for businesses as they navigate payroll calculations and compliance. The discrepancy between the minimum wage and the threshold adds a layer of complexity that requires careful consideration.

Seeking Clarity

As businesses strive to understand the rationale behind this deviation from the norm, seeking official statements and updates from relevant government sources is crucial. Transparency and accurate information are paramount in adapting to these changes.


In the dynamic landscape of payroll legislation, the unexpected freeze in the PRSI class A weekly earnings threshold introduces a unique challenge for businesses. Staying informed, verifying details from authoritative sources, and adapting strategies accordingly will be key in navigating this uncharted territory. If you wish to find out more about this strange occurrence or want to stay up to date with any and all payroll news and legislation Paycheck plus will be here to support you in these times of change.

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