Manage expenses with our pre-paid credit card

Why worry about credit limits?

By providing your staff with our pre-paid credit cards you can avoid credit limit problems and check out all transactions on-line at any time.

In reponse to demand, PaycheckPlus brings you the “PaycheckPlus Perfect Card” which is a prepaid MasterCard. The card can be spent anywhere MasterCard is accepted – 32 million locations.  Our cards are a very popular choice for managing business expenses, or as a gift, as the user has the freedom to spend their voucher anywhere they like, unlike other cards on the market that are limited to certain stores.

PaycheckPlus Perfect Card  Information:

  • It is a prepaid MasterCard so can be used at 32 million locations worldwide.
  • Can be used on-line and in store.
  • Secure on-line management with live transaction history and balance.
  • Euro or Sterling can be loaded on the card.
  • No commission fees.
  • 100% Revenue approved if used for the Small Benefit Exemption of up to €250

Under the Revenue Commissioners’ approved ‘Small Benefit Exemption’ scheme, employers can provide employees with a gift card or voucher up to the value of €250 as a once-off benefit during the tax year which is not subject to PAYE, USC or employee & employer PRSI. The €250 gift card or voucher is tax free even if the employee is receiving other taxable BIK.

We hope this is of interest and that we can be of service to you. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call us on +353 (0)41 686 3000 or e-mail  PaycheckPlus – Making Payroll Easy!