Jobs and Pensions Service

Revenue have introduced a Jobs and Pensions Service which is a new online service for employees and private pension recipients. This is available from Monday 12th September.

The service allows employees to register their new job or private pension with Revenue. A tax credit certificate will then be issued to the employer and employee.

The Jobs and Pensions service replaces the Form 12A, employees must now register their first job in Ireland using this service.

The service is also for employees who are:

  • Changing jobs where the previous job has been ceased on Revenue records (employees will be able to see whether their previous job is ceased or still active)
  • Starting a second job eg. multiple employments
  • Starting to receive payments from a private pension

The service is available to access in myAccount and ROS. Employees must register for myAccount to use the Jobs and Pension service, including when starting work for the first time in Ireland.

As an employer you should:

  • Encourage new employees to register for myAccount in advance of commencing employment. Employees can register their new jobs in advance of their start date
  • Provide new employees with the following information to allow them to register their new job online:

  1. Your tax registration number
  2. Start date of the new job
  3. Frequency of payment
  4. Staff number if known

  • No longer submit a Form P46 where employees have registered their own job using the Jobs and Pension service
  • Continue to upload the P45 Part 3 as normal
  • Continue to issue P45’s immediately to employees on cessation of employment
  • Operate emergency PAYE and USC on payments in the absence of a P2C or P45

Further information on the Jobs and Pension Service can be found on


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