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A busy week for our Payroll Service

It’s been a busy week at Paycheck Plus. Joining the IRIS Software Group was not a decision we took lightly but given our long-standing strategic partnership and our joint focus on providing the best possible payroll solution we knew that IRIS Software Group would provide an excellent home for our business and that of our clients.

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In a journey that has spanned 17 years Anne has built Ireland’s most reputable and robust payroll processing firms. Her dedication and determination have laid seed to a great organisation, one set to continuously evolve to meet and indeed exceed the needs of our clients.

Finding a suitable parent for Paycheck Plus was not a trifling matter and we knew that conditions would have to be perfect for us to make the move. But from the acquisition’s outset we were immediately enticed by the great similarities between both IRIS Software Group and our own organisation.

Both organisations are fully committed to providing an extensive range of managed payroll and HR outsourcing services with a relentless focus on accuracy, timeliness and compliance. We both pride ourselves on our ability to offer a first-rate service that will satisfy and retain clients. Both organisations are committed to fostering long term client relationships and both have been acknowledged as a Great Places to Work underpinning our commitment to ensuring people remain our greatest asset.

We joined IRIS Software Group because they understand the complexities and challenges of payroll processing. Their commitment to helping clients streamline their payroll processes through exceptional service levels and innovative technologies is remarkable.

The additional benefits we will be able to provide to our clients are staggering. I also fully expect that our acquiring partners will continue to expand and develop which will only see the scope and depth of Paycheck Plus’ services grow in the years to come.

I am extremely proud to join the IRIS Software Group team and I am relishing the prospect of leading Paycheck Plus into the future with their support. I firmly believe that they have the right experience, people and solutions to support the next evolution of Paycheck Plus. I, and our Team are extremely excited by the opportunities that lie ahead, and I hope that you – our clients – will join me in welcoming them into our fold.


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