Student Working Holiday Arrangements & Requirements

Working Holiday Arrangements   
At this time of year, many students consider travelling abroad for work and experience in other countries.  Depending on the destination, different documentation may be required to ensure to travel and work.

 Ireland has working holiday arrangements with other Governments allowing young people to fund an extended holiday through temporary work.

 Irish citizens, who are going on a working holiday to a country with which Ireland has such an agreement, should apply for authorisation in advance to ensure that they meet the qualifying criteria.  These individuals should apply to that country for authorisation and ensure you meet their criteria.

Individuals are advised that they must have enough money to support themselves for at least the first part of the holiday or in case they don’t find work straight away.  Medical insurance is also advisable to cover any medical expenses in case of accident or emergency.

If you are a non-Irish citizen and want to work during your holiday in Ireland, you need to apply for a Working Holiday Authorisation (WHA) from your nearest Irish Embassy/Consulate or relevant organisation.  The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and our representatives and agents, reserve the right to ask for further documentation and/or to refuse any application for a Working Holiday Authorisation (WHA).You must have enough money to support yourself for at least the first part of your holiday or in case you don’t find work. Immigration officials may ask for proof that you have sufficient funds when you enter Ireland.    

Although the market for short-term casual work in Ireland is highly competitive and adequately supplied by the large number of school leavers and other young Irish and EU nationals looking for work. Getting your WHA is not a guarantee of finding work.  Even if you have a WHA, you’re still subject to normal immigration controls when you enter Ireland. As a non-EU national, you must register with the Garda National Immigration Bureau to stay in Ireland for more than 90 days.  There is a fee of €300 for the issue of a Garda (police) registration card.

 Visit Dept. of Foreign Affairs/Visas for more information.