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Tax Relief on Third Level Education

Third Level Education Tax Relief

If you are paying for an approved course at a third level institution which lasts for a minimum of 2 years, then you may be able to claim tax relief on the fees paid at 20%.  The relief can be claimed by individuals paying their own fees or paying fees on behalf of someone else.

Most third level education courses offered by Public Universities and Colleges in Ireland to Irish citizens do not incur tuition fees.  Fees are generally payable where a student fails a year and has to repeat or where a student chooses a course provided by private educational institutions.  Tuitions fees are more often applicable to post graduate courses.  Tax relief continues to be available for these tuition fees.

The Student Contribution charged by colleges and Universities varies from one to another but is on the increase and will continue to increase by €250 per year until 2015/16. Although the Contribution is regarded as a qualifying tuition fee for tax relief purposes, the Revenue will disregard the first  €2750 for a full time course in 2014/2015.  For part time courses,  €1,375 is disregarded in 2014/2015.  The maximum limit on qualifying tuition fees is €7,000 per individual, per course, per academic year.

An application form attached to Information Leaflet IT31 and a list of the approved courses   for Third Level Education are available from the Revenue Website.

For a Foreign Language or Information Technology course to qualify for tax relief it must be FAS approved, of less than 2 years duration and result in a Certificate of Competence.  20% tax relief is available for approved courses where the net tuition fees exceed €315 with the maximum relief of €1,270 per course.



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