Budget 2022

Budget 2022 – The Payroll Perspective

With Budget 2022 now complete our Payroll experts analyses the key takeaways and how will they affect your employee’s net pay.

From a payroll perspective the headline measures include increases to: the minimum wage, income tax rate bands and the personal tax credits.

Minimum Wage has increased by €0.30 per hour for Experienced Adult Workers with younger employees also receiving increases. Workers aged 19 will receive 90% of the nominal minimum wage which is €9.45 per hour, while those aged 18 will receive €8.40 per hour and those under 18 will receive €7.35 per hour.

Standard Rate Cut Off Points have increased by €1,500  as per the table below


Standard Rate Cut off Point20212022
Single / Widowed Person or Surviving Civil Partner without qualifying children€35,300€36,800
Person qualifying for the Single Person Child Carer Tax Credit€39,300€40,800
Married Couple or Civil Partnership – One Income€44,300€45,800
Married Couple or Civil Partnership – Two Income€44,300 & €26,300*€45,800 & €27,800*


Personal Tax Credit, the Earned Income Credit and the PAYE Tax Credit have all increased by €50 with all three tax credits now at €1,700.

The weekly threshold for higher rate of employer PRSI will increase by €12 from €398 to €410 per week, from the 1st of January 2022. This has been done to ensure that there is no incentive to reduce the working hours for a full-time employee on the increased minimum wage. The ceiling of the second USC rate band has also increased from €20,687 to €21,295per annum.


What does this mean for your employees’ net pay?


To illustrate how these changes will impact your employees’ take home pay we’ve included 3 simple calculations which demonstrate the impact that Budget 2022 will have on a minimum wage worker, a single person earning €38,000 and a married couple earning a combined €75,000 (split €40,000, €35,000)

Minimum Wage Employees

In the case of the minimum wage employees working a 37.5 hour week, we can see that they would earn €435.40 more per annum as a result of the changes implemented in the budget.


Minimum Wage Employee* 20222021
Annual income €20,475.00 €19,890.00
Tax due €695.00 €678.00
PRSI €556.75 €435.85
USC €229.32 €217.62
Total deductions €1,481.07 €1,331.47
Annual disposable income €18,993.93 €18,558.53
Monthly disposable income €1,582.83 €1,546.54
Weekly disposable income €365.27 €356.89


Single Worker

Most single workers will also benefit, as demonstrated in our second calculation, which shows that a person earning €38,000 per annum is likely to have more than €415 extra disposable income per year, or approx. €8 per week, when compared with last year.



Single person with annual salary of €38,000* 20222021
Annual income€38,000.00€38,000.00
Tax due€4,440.00€4,840.00
Total deductions€6,957.45€7,372.65
Annual disposable income€31,042.56€30,627.36
Monthly disposable income€2,586.88€2,552.28
Weekly disposable income€596.97€588.99


Married Couple

Lastly our married couple is also significantly better off making out with more than €830 extra disposable income per annum.


Married couple with 1 salary of
€45,000 & €30,000*
Annual income €  75,000.00 €  75,000.00
Tax due €    8,480.00 €    9,280.00
PRSI €    3,000.00 €    3,000.00
USC €    1,949.89 €    1,980.29
Total deductions €  13,429.89  €  14,260.29 
Annual disposable income €  61,570.11 €  60,739.71
Monthly disposable income €    5,130.84 €    5,061.64
Weekly disposable income €    1,184.04 €    1,168.07


*Due to the complexity of tax and PRSI regulations, results are based on a number of tax assumptions


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