(Almost) Perfect Payroll Processing Company achieves 99.997% accuracy

We’re delighted!

We’re not perfect but 99.997% accuracy is not bad!

At Paycheck Plus, deadlines, accuracy and data protection are paramount.  We love our work in Ireland’s leading payroll processing company and pride ourselves on our customer service and satisfaction levels.

Our most recent results show that overall, we have achieved a 99.997% success rates in these areas. (Almost) Perfect Payroll Processing.  So we acknowledge that we’re not absolutely perfect, but we make a point of learning from our mistakes.

Our scores are based on Reporting, Revenue Filing, Employee registrations, fund transfers, payslip distribution and calculations – lots of calculations.  We calculate taxes on salaries, hourly rates, premium and shift rates, holidays, public holidays, Social Welfare payments, redundancy entitlements, net payment rates, bonuses, commissions, share schemes and options, salary sacrafices, pensions, PRSA’s  secondments, PAYE exclusion orders,  Benefit-in-kinds for cars, healthcare, vouchers, hampers, holidays, club memberships and a host of other things.  And we do it right!

If you want to ensure your payroll is processed correctly and on-time by professionals who consistently meet deadlines with friendly confidential service, then speak to our team today.  Call Niamh on + 353 (0)41 686 3000 or Request a Callback for a time that suits you!

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