Common Tax Mistakes That Can Sting Your Business!

Are you leaving yourself exposed to heavy penalties? Below are some common tax mistakes that can sting your business!

Because taxation is a largely overlooked aspect of business there are a range of areas where businesses make costly errors. Mistakes can be very unpleasant as the revenue commissioners have clamped down in a number of areas in recent years. Below are some of the costly penalties that can hit your pocket.

  • Failure to keep proper PAYE/VAT records €4,000
  • Failure to issue proper VAT invoices €4,000
  • Failure to complete VIES returns €4,000
  • Late submission of a VAT return €4,000
  • Violating PAYE regulations €4,000

Here are some specific mistakes that are seen on a regular basis:

Value Added Tax

  • VAT cannot be claimed on entertainment for clients & staff, food and drink (unless for re-sale) and accommodation (unless qualifying event)
  • Ensuring all VAT on sales is charged at the correct rate to customers
  • Making sure Intrastat Forms are correctly completed in respect of goods and services supplied/received cross-border
  • Knowing that VAT is only reclaimed on ‘allowable’ items and based on proper VAT invoices
  • Ensuring all relevant VAT reliefs have been claimed and cash flow saving opportunities have not been missed
  • It is vital that invoices are not issued without VAT in error as the supplier remains liable for the VAT.


  • Employees/Directors are often placed on the wrong PRSI rate. The cost of an error to the employer can be significant as the rate of employers PRSI is 10.75%
  • Ensuring amounts reimbursed to staff for expenses incurred (mileage etc) are correctly calculated in accordance with revenue rules
  • Making sure there are no individuals being paid gross by invoice where payroll should be operated
  • Ensuring there are no benefits being provided to staff/directors which should be subject to PAYE but are not being included in the calculations
  • Making sure staff are rewarded in a tax-efficient way maximising the use of any relevant allowances and reliefs available.

Tax legislation is constantly changing and this brings both risks and opportunities. Revenue have significant powers to review a taxpayer’s affairs. Most of the taxation risks encountered by businesses present themselves in everyday scenarios. This is where the real tax mistakes are made.

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