Gender Pay Gap Reporting

Gender Pay Gap Snapshot

The Gender Pay Gap Information Act 2021 introduced the legislative basis for annual gender pay gap reporting in Ireland. The number of people employed by your organisation will determine when you will be required to report:

  • +250 employees: 2022
  • +150 employees: 2024
  • +50 employees: 2025

Gender Pay Gap Snapshot

As part of the incremental rollout of reporting requirements, companies with 250 or more employees must carry out a headcount of all persons employed by them on the snapshot date. Ultimately employers will be required to calculate and publish the gender pay gap information pertaining to their employees on the chosen snapshot date. The report should be based on calculations on those employees’ remuneration for the 12-month period that precedes the snapshot date. Further information on how the gender pay gap is to be calculated and what needs to be reported is available here.

Employers must include all workers who are employed by the organisation including apprentices, interns, part-time workers etc. The report should also include current employees who are not rostered to work on the snapshot date or are on leave.

Employers can choose any date in June for their gender pay gap snapshot date. However, the deadline for publication of the employer’s gender pay gap information is 6 months after their chosen snapshot date. Therefore an employer who chooses 1 June as their snapshot date has a reporting deadline of 1 December.

For the 2022 reporting cycle there is no specified format for the gender pay gap information, but plans are in place to develop an online reporting system for the 2023 reporting cycle which will consist of a central portal where all employer reports will be uploaded and can be accessed publicly.

The gender pay gap information must be published either on the employer’s website or in a manner that is accessible to all its employees and to the public. Additionally, it must be available for a period of at least three years beginning with the date of publication.

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