Hiring a first time employee

Below you’ll find useful information for hiring a first-time employee. Also included are links to helpful and necessary resources that you can direct your first-time employee to which will assist them with the daunting task of entering the workforce.

Hiring a first time employees

What the Employee must do:

  • They must first register with Revenue. This will ensure that the correct amount of tax and  Universal Social Charge (USC) will be deducted from their wages.
  • The new employee is responsible for registering for tax since they never  previously had to. Starting their first job, it is of good practice to help guide your employee through what they must do to register for tax.

You will need to provide your employee with:

  • your employer registration number
  • their staff number if you use these in your business (also called personnel or works number).

Finally, once an employee has been registered with the Jobs and Pensions service, you must request a Revenue Payroll Notification (RPN). You can then tax your employee on a cumulative basis or a week 1 or month 1 basis, depending on what the RPN instructs.


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