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Pay & File Deadline for Self Assessed Income Tax Payers – October 31st

Pay & File Deadline for Self Assessed Income Tax Payers – October 31st

By using ROS to both pay and file online, you’ll benefit from the extended deadline of 17 November 2021. and it’s the simple, easy way to pay and file. Register for ROS now on or contact your agent straight away.

You will have to pay a surcharge if you send your tax return after the deadline, as follows:

  • within two months of the filing date: 5% of your tax due, up to €12,695
  • over two months: 10% of your tax, up to €63,485.

Note that even if you pay and file on time for IT, a 10% surcharge may apply if your Local Property Tax (LPT) obligations are not met.


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