Employee reward Card

Paycheck Plus Reward Card – Balance Enquiries

Are you looking to check the balance of your PaycheckPlus Reward Card?

To check the balance on your PaycheckPlus Reward Card click here and enter your card and cvv number – it’s that simple.

The “PaycheckPlus Reward Card” is a prepaid MasterCard.  The incentive/gift card can be spent anywhere MasterCard is accepted – 53 million locations.  Our gift cards are a very popular choice as the user has the freedom to spend their voucher anywhere they like, unlike other cards on the market that are limited to certain stores.

PaycheckPlus Reward Card Information:

  • Prepaid MasterCard that can be used at 53 million locations worldwide
  • Can be used online and in store
  • Secure online management with live transaction history and balance
  • Euro or Sterling can be loaded on the card
  • No commission fees
  • 100% Revenue approved.

Balance Enquiries Card Image

Looking for a budget-conscious way to reward your Employees?

If you are looking to reward your employees with a well-earned bonus Paycheck Plus offer a prepaid Mastercard® which can be spent in any location where MasterCard is accepted. Unlike other cards which are limited to certain stores, it can be used in more than 53 million locations worldwide, including on-line. This PAYE, USC & PRSI free gift card is fully compliant with the Small Benefit Exemption Scheme, has no commission fees and gives your employees the freedom to spend their voucher anywhere they like.

To find out more visit the Employee Rewards Page or Request a Callback today.