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Determining the correct payroll for every employee involves various calculations and processes. While most payroll bureaus will rise to meet strict regulatory requirements and frequent legislative updates in a timely and effective way, each new update can present a significant burden for inhouse employees who are tasked with the role. This is particularly true for those who process payroll in addition to other duties, as every new regulation and amendment is fraught with complications and exceptions to the rules.

Payroll Bureau

In an era where astute business managers are continually reviewing their processes and activities to ensure the optimum performance, progressive companies have started to recognise the benefit of assigning the payroll function to an outsourced payroll provider or payroll bureau.

Payroll providers specialise in making sure that salaries and wages are paid on time, that payslips are readily available and that bonuses, benefits, taxes and leave are correctly and efficiently allocated. Those who also want to ensure that they’re getting full value for money can engage the services of bureaus like Paycheck Plus to help them structure their payroll in the most cost efficient way for both employer and employee. Using our vast experience and expertise the team at Paycheck Plus will ensure that your payroll is operating at its most cost effective for both employer and employee. With annual savings of 10% on payroll spend regularly being achieved by our payroll service’s clients now is the perfect time to outsource your payroll.

As Irelands most highly accredited payroll bureau we can handle staff of any size and payrolls of any complexity. With our outsourced payroll service you can rest assured that your payroll will comply with any legislative changes that are introduced and that you will be made aware of the changes that are relevant to you, your employees and your business.


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Paycheck Plus, Your Outsourced Payroll Provider

Peace of mind comes from knowing that the right people are taking care of your most valuable assets – your employees.

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