Payroll Bureau Services

Payroll Bureau: An agent specialising in the processing of payroll calculations for other businesses.

Payroll: A repetitive back office activity to calculate the money payable to employees of an organisation.

The process of calculating the correct payroll for every employee involves various calculations and processes to meet strict regulatory requirements in a timely and effective way.  The mere thoughts of it can be enough to cause a headache as most employers recognise that it’s fraught with complications, exceptions to the rule, and disgruntled employees. Bringing little if any value to the core business offering, it hardly seems fair that any business, specialising in anything other than accounting, should be cursed with such tasks.

In a period where astute business managers are reviewing the various activities to ensure the optimum value proposition, progressive companies recognise the need for assigning the payroll function to an outsource provider or payroll bureau service.  Such providers specialise in seeing that salaries and wages are paid in time, payslips are printed and delivered or emails, bonuses, benefits, tax and leave is allocated and kept track of and tax is sorted throughout the year.

For those who also want to ensure that they’re getting value for their money, they can engage the services of Paycheck Plus to help them structure their payroll in the most cost efficient way for both employer and employee.  Using their vast experience, qualifications and expertise, the team at Paycheck Plus ensure that payroll will be operating at its most cost effective for both employer and employee.  Savings of 6% of annual payroll spend are regularly achieved by clients of Paycheck Plus.

As Irelands only award winning payroll bureau for the Small & Medium sized business, Paycheck Plus can handle staff of any size and payroll requirements as simple as making the PAYE deductions and as intricate as managing payment of employees on secondment or taxation of complex share option schemes.  Within their outsourced Lite and Managed options, training and consultation services they provide advice and assistance on technical issues including:

Filing Monthly and Annual Payroll Returns

Illness & Maternity Benefits

Redundancy & Termination Payments

Benefit In Kind

Payroll Audits (Revenue, Social Welfare & NERA Audits)

Payroll Projects

Nominal Ledger Reporting

Employee Helpline

On-line Employee Self Service

Using this Irish owned and managed payroll bureau ensures your Irish payroll will be compliant with all legislative changes as they are introduced.  Their advice, information and updates informs you of changes that are relevant to you, your employees and your business.

Contact the Payroll Team at Paycheck Plus or call +353 (0) 1 64 01 889 today to find out how they can help with Making Payroll Easy for your business.