The benefits and value of partnering with a reputable payroll service provider

Some organisations fail to avail of the pool of expertise available to them through their payroll services provider.  Instead of thinking of the payroll services company as an outsider, inclusion of the provider can bring considerable additional benefits to the overall operations of the organisation.

Of course, a payroll services company is engaged initially to calculate the payroll and ensure the employees are paid the right amount at the right time, This is indeed the primary role, but have you considered utilising the expertise of your outsourced company as a partner in your business to bring real added value?

By choosing a reputable payroll services company like Paycheck Plus you can avail of years of experience and expertise for your payroll related questions.  The team at Paycheck Plus work with you to ensure your payroll is operating at maximum tax efficiency for both the business and the employees.  Understanding the individual circumstances of employees can make a real difference to the take home pay often resulting in savings for the employer too.  All too often we see businesses overpaying PAYE, PRSI and USC because of their lack of expertise and over dependency of the chosen payroll software.  We get great satisfaction in submitting refund applications for employers and their employees.

But it doesn’t end there!  The range of reports that can be compiled by the Paycheck Plus Payroll Team save hours of valuable financial and auditing resources in-house.  Nominal ledger reporting and journals can be provided on completion of your payroll ready to feed into your accounts system ensuring your management accounts can be available quickly, giving you valuable information about the direction of one of your most expensive assets – your people.

When it comes to paying your staff, the team at Paycheck Plus can arrange the necessary transfers speedily and cost effectively.  Domestic and overseas payments can be arranged, with preferential foreign exchange rates and some of the lowest international transfer fees on the market.

Your employees can have their questions relating to payroll answered by our Team of qualified and experienced payroll professionals while our experienced trainers and consultants can design and deliver training to suit individual business requirements.  Bespoke training will ensure your staff understand the various aspects required to meet specific business needs such as recruitment, redundancies, treatment of Social Welfare payments or BIK complexities to name just a few.

Of course, there are alternative solutions on the market.  There are companies who claim to process your payroll for little more than a song.  But a good price is not the same as good value!  By choosing a reputable payroll company you can rest assured that your data is secure, your calculations correct and that your Tax Returns have been submitted to Revenue on your behalf!  The team at Paycheck Plus will work to ensure your payroll is operating efficiently, making your aware of alternatives and resulting in savings in your annual payroll spend.   By paying just that little bit more, you’ll save multiples in your annual payroll costs.

The advantages of partnering with a reputable payroll services company will drive your business forward.  Real value comes from a range of payroll savings provided by a team of experienced professionals who gain personal satisfaction in helping you make your business more efficient.  For further details of our tailored and managed payroll services, speak to our team today at +353 (0)41 686 3000 or request a callback at a time that suits you.